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Download Modern Perl Programming
Download Modern Perl Programming

Modern Perl Programming.cMichael Saltzman
Modern Perl Programming
Author: Michael Saltzman
Number of Pages: 368 pages
Published Date: 04 Feb 2002
Publisher: Pearson Education Limited
Publication Country: Harlow, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 9780130089656
File size: 18 Mb
File Name: Modern.Perl.Programming.pdf
Download Link: Modern Perl Programming

Supercharged Perl programming for every developer, sysadmin, and Web professional. *In-depth coverage of references-the cornerstone of advanced Perl programming *Complete application examples, not just code snippets *CGI, networking, GUIs, and object development *Enterprise database integration applicable to all databases including Oracle and Sybase Modern Perl Programming will help you master Perl's most robust, powerful features-so you can make the most of the language whether you're a beginner or an experienced scripter. Michael Saltzman starts with a rapid-fire Perl tutorial and refresher. Then, using actual applications-not just code snippets-he presents expert guidance on the Perl features that deliver the most power, productivity, and efficiency.Coverage includes: *Practical coverage of data types, I/O, control structures, and operators *Making the most of associative arrays, hash tables, and regular expressions *Building your own subroutines *Developing Web-based CGI and network applications *Example-rich coverage of references (pointers)-the cornerstone of advanced Perl development *Object-oriented programming, data structures, and advanced GUI development *Integrating with enterprise-class databases: detailed examples applicable to Oracle and Sybase and other databases *Debugging Perl applications Includes extensive downloadable library of code samples! You won't just get results fast: You'll get great results fast-robust, maintainable, industrial-strength Perl for even the most challenging environments.

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